Vim Options - tweak and explore Vim settings on Mac OS X

"Vim" is a text editor application well-known for being very customizable with a Vim config file - ".vimrc". Vim has a long history, and it is popular among Linux users and administrators, because it is included on most servers by default.

"Vim Options" is a Mac OS application that helps to visually edit your .vimrc. It will load a Vim config file and present the Vim settings in a categorized list. Each vim setting can be modified and saved. Builtin documentation helps to figure out the meaning and possible values of every option. Hundreds of options can be looked up by name using a search box.

Why is Vim Options useful?

When you become more advanced, or if you come to Vim from some other editor, you would want to modify the default vim settings. For example "tabstop" option dictates how wide is the "tab" key visually in terms of spaces. The default is that tabstop=8 spaces, which might be too wide. Using "Vim Options" you can search for "tabstop" and set it to "4".

If you prefer spaces instead of tabs, tweak an "expandtab" setting. Search for "expandtab" and enable it with a checkbox. Now pressing the tab key would insert 4 spaces. Don't forget to save the modified vim config file to the .vimrc file in your Home folder.


  • load & save Vim settings to .vimrc
  • list of all Vim options by categories
  • Vim GUI for editing your Vim config
  • help documentation lookup for each of the Vim settings
  • search options by name

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or a newer Mac OS.

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Vim Options screenshot