Objective-C interview questions app

Check the knowledge of the Objective-C language using the “Objective-C interview questions” app.

The Objective-C language is a widely used programming language for mobile app development and Mac app development. It is used on all Apple devices including iPhone and Mac platforms. Learning this programming language provides career opportunities as a mobile software developer. It is an important skill to have for a seasoned Apple software developer.

The “Objective-C interview questions” app presents a sequence of questions on a mobile device. The questions are dedicated to various important points of the Objective-C language. Each question has short answer options in the form of a test. It is trivial to answer if you know the subject, but hard to guess otherwise.

This application is suitable to use as a part of an iOS developer interview questions or during a preparation to a job interview. The test quickly checks your Objective-C skills. It takes about 5-10 minutes to go through it once. It is suitable for a live usage and runs on most mobile smartphone devices.

The Objective-C interview questions app features summary:

  • 10-questions Objective-C language tests
  • quick testing: simple questions with short answers
  • “try again” helps to prepare iOS developer interview questions and answers
  • iOS and Android devices support

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Objective-C question form screenshot