LightFICS - play on Mac OS X

LightFICS is an online chess application to play on (known as FICS) using Mac OS X. It offers a minimalistic look in order to maximize concentration on a chess game. is an internet chess server with one of the oldest communities in online chess. LightFICS software brings seamless access for new players using Mac OS. Its clean UI is very easy to use, and it helps you to focus on the game. The app provides a resizable chess board and a native Mac experience.


  • autoconnects to using a remembered password stored in Keychain
  • play a chess game online with a single click using last saved parameters
  • copy-paste PGN of a played game to analyse with chess programs
  • play chess in fullscreen

Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or a newer Mac OS.

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LightFICS game screenshot with PGN